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Here we will talk about tips and trick to dealing with kids hair.

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By daisydoos40401816, Sep 30 2015 06:15PM

Things you should know

We have parents come in all the time with question about lice.

Trust me you don't want it!!!!!

at the begining of the school year is when its at its worst. The best defense is Fairy Tales Hair Care products.

The Super Bug they have recently spoke about isn't new its been around for years, the over the counter drug store kits don't work like they used to lice is now immune to it. Scents such as rosemary help keep them away.

What to look for Nits they look like yellowish, brown oval sacs found on the hair, or the bug itself.

How can you protect your children? Never share things that go on the head such as hats, helmets, headbands.....

Don't wash hair everyday lice like clean hair.

Use hair products even if you don't use Fairy Tales use gels or mousses they make the hair dirty.

I hope some of this information has helped.

We are always here if you have any questions.

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